My Stock Buddy

June 7, 2009

Searching for the best stock market forum I came across a perfect vBulletin board integrated into a fully functioning website. is a stock market forum better than any other I have seen. They began as a private forum for intelligent research about stock investing and trading. Now, they have a great website with an integrated rating system (thumbs up and thumbs down), a Watch List for up and coming stocks and finally an amazing Hall of Fame that recognizes contributing members for outstanding stock calls.

The forum features some amazing inline stock quotes using AJAX and some of the best icon work I have seen anywhere. Overall it is by far one of the more professional sites I have seen.

My Stock Buddy has a plethora of design features:

* FREE in every way

* Scrolling Stock Ticker

* A reputation system for promoting and recognizing members

* News Page

* Professional design

* Inline stock quotes

* Live integrated chat

* FREE Articles by ranking posters

As an investor I found My Stock Buddy incredibly useful for researching US stock picks, Canadien stock Picks, U.K. stock picks as well as any other stock market picks from the world.

If you are looking for a website model or you are a potential stock investor/trader looking for a stock picks forum, you might want to check out MyStockBuddy. Anyone and everyone is welcome so long as members keep it civil and respectful.


Hello world!

June 7, 2009

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